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What is a Grown Up Gap Year?

Taking a gap year is no longer just for the kids! Every year thousands of people make the decision to take a career break or a sabbatical to go travelling. In 2011 I set off on my 30b430 trip, which I dubbed my “grown up” gap year. I travelled solo through nine countries and had an amazing time. When I got home so many people asked me how I had done it that I decided to set up this blog. Its aim is firstly, to help people make sure that the process of planning their trip runs as smoothly as possible and secondly, to focus on affordable travel with a little bit of luxury along the way.

Previous press trips

In July 2013 I was chosen as an International Reporting Project fellow and went to Zambia to report on global health issues, including HIV, TB and malaria.

On my 30b430 trip I worked with Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island, Tusa Dive in Cairns and Tourism Tropical North Queensland.

As a journalist I have been on press trips to Kerala with Mahindra Homestays and Cyprus with Visit Cyprus.

Articles and blog posts

Sunday Times Travel Magazine – Climbing Mt Fuji STI096Y1GT_TGJapanpart3

Expedia – Haunted Hotels Halloween Guide 

I have written a number of paid articles for Vagabundo Magazine, including:

A Rocky Journey to Sucre

Ride ’em Cowgirl

The Majesty of the Iguazu Falls

Getting A Taste of Fraser Island

I was chosen as Wanderlust Magazine’s Blog of the Week and was named as runner-up in its Somewhere I Shouldn’t Have Been writing competition.

I have also been featured on the following sites and blogs:

Travel Dudes – Taking Your Spending Money into Myanmar/Burma

Wanderful World – Spotlight on Why I Travel

The Karina Chronicles – Frockstar interview


In February 2013 I launched the #travelbookclub, which meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 9pm GMT. Each month we choose a travel book which we read and then discuss over Twitter, using a five question format. The idea is that book lovers from around the world can take part in the chat, even if they’re on the road.

We have worked with the publishers of Torre DeRoche’s Love With A Chance of Drowning, The Ribbons are for Fearlessness by Catrina Davies, Fragrant Heart by Miranda Emmerson and Ben Hatch’s Road to Rouen.

If you are a travel author or publisher and would be interested in working with the #travelbookclub, please contact me on the email address below.

Brand ambassador

I am a brand ambassador for the lovely Karina Dresses, which is based in New York. I regularly write posts for their blog, including:

Empowering Women In The Fight Against HIV 

Why I Travelled The World by Myself and How You Can Do It Too

Zambia: What’s to Love?

Interested in working with me?

If you have any questions or if you are interested in working with me, please send me an email at emilyann[dot]elliott[at] or tweet me @grownupgapyear

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