We booked our honeymoon!

You may remember that way back in February I asked for your help as we were trying to decide where to go on our honeymoon.

We’d narrowed down the options to four places: Japan, Cuba, South America and the Maldives, but as they each offered such different experiences we were struggling to make a decision.

Since then we’ve got married (yay!), been on our minimoon to San Sebastian (double yay!) and we have now booked our flights for our big adventure next year (is triple yay even a thing??)


Happy faces

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions, I can now tell you that we will be going on honeymoon to…

*insert drumroll*


Yes, we will be travelling to the land of temples and tea; to explore the beautiful, mystical landscapes and get lost in the ridiculous. We’ve already got a list of places we want to visit during our three weeks and this month’s #travelbookclub choice of Hokkaido Highway Blues helped to get me even more excited about our trip (if that’s actually possible).

Our flights are booked for April and we’re *really* hoping to be able to see some the country’s sakura (cherry blossom) bloom. The season varies from place to place and depends a lot on climate, rainfall and many other factors, so there’s no guarantee. But last time I visited Japan I managed to accidentally gate-crash a geisha tea party, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be lucky again.

In the meantime if you have any suggestions of must-see places, restaurants to eat at or places to stay, then please do let me know. We absolutely love quirky adventures, so anything along those lines is also very welcome.

Eeeek, I can’t wait to get started with the planning!


Our next adventure awaits

12 responses to “We booked our honeymoon!

  1. Quadruple yay for finally booking!! Bet you’re super excited already. No doubt it will come around really quickly and I so hope you see all the gorgeous cherry blossoms 🙂

  2. I adore Japan – you will have the most amazing time! We did a 2 week ‘tour’ in April 2012 – the sakura is absolutely beautiful!

    If you are staying in Tokyo, I’d recommend a very early morning visit to the Tsukiji fish market – its a pretty awesome experience. Also, a train trip to Nikko, north of Tokyo is worth it. We stayed overnight, but you could do it in a day if you are pressed for time – it’s absolutely stunning.

  3. Wow, that’s sooo exciting Emily!! I really want to go to Japan myself so I’ll definitely keep a close eye on all your updates and posts and pics! Such a fabulous choice of honeymoon destination! Hope the cherry blossoms come out in swathes for you 🙂

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