The Friday Review: Colombia Turbodown™ Hooded Jacket

I am not going to lie, clothes that market themselves on their technological benefits scare me a bit. Unlike Mr A, who can spend hours researching a new jacket or backpack, I get bogged down in the lingo of “high performing material” and “innovative design”; so it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I agreed to try out the Colombia Turbodown™ Hooded Jacket.

I mean, what exactly is Omni-Heat® synthetic insulation?

Turns out for, those of us who like our clothes to be described in plain-speaking language, it basically just means really, really warm.

As Mr A often says, he has never met anybody in his life who gets as cold as I do. I’m the girl who always goes out with a coat in the height of summer “just in case”; I never pack for a trip without my hoody, no matter how hot the country is I’m travelling to and I’ve even been known to sit on the beach in Spain wearing a cardigan, because there was a slight breeze. So it’s fair to say that Winter is not my favourite time of year.

So I decided to take Blacks up on its offer and try out its Turobodown jacket, with its 800 fill premium goose down and 60g omni-heat insulation.

Colombia Turbodown™ Hooded Jacket

I had the perfect time to test out the jacket during a weekend in Wiltshire, when we rented a cottage with friends. The weather was “fresh” to say the least and I was shivering before we even left the house. But luckily I had my secret weapon with me!

Colombia Turbodown™ Hooded Jacket

I was pleasantly surprised that a jacket which is so warm is so thin and lightweight. That’s obviously where the Omni-Heat® Thermal Insulation comes in, which is a combination of the down and a reflective lining which reminds me of one of those blankets you get at the end of a marathon.

Colombia Turbodown™ Hooded Jacket

The jacket also has a 100% nylon 30D Micro Ripstop shell, which makes it water-resistant. It was a snug fit and, being short, I also appreciated the drawcord adjustable hem. Plus I’m a big fan of hoods.

Colombia Turbodown™ Hooded Jacket

As soon as I stepped out I felt cosy and warm and stayed that way for our entire walk. I can only describe it as the equivalent of being wrapped up in a sleeping bag.

Colombia Turbodown™ Hooded Jacket

All in all, this fancy technology gets a big thumbs up from me!

A big thank you to for the Colombia Turbodown™ Hooded Jacket. All views are my own.


6 responses to “The Friday Review: Colombia Turbodown™ Hooded Jacket

  1. Oh my goodness, I am exactly the same with the cold – my husband’s always wondering why I constantly want the heating on and I’m not the tallest person so this jacket may just be worth a look at!

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