Bishop: An overnight stay

Bishop in California was one of my favourite places on our US road trip. Although technically a city, with just 3,879 residents it felt exactly how I had expected a small American town on Route 66 to feel.

Located in the Eastern Sierra region of California, its high street includes an old fashioned picture house, a family run supermarket and lots of independent shops and bakeries.

Bishop, California

Bishop, California

We decided to stop off in Bishop on our way from Death Valley National Park to Yosemite. The city is also used as a base for many people who want to climb, fish and hike in the surrounding area, so it has plenty of accommodation options. We chose a cute little family-run motel and asked them for a recommendation of the best place to eat in town. I loved that they told us to try the local bowling alley. The food was great and the people watching was second to none!

Bishop, California

Bishop, California

Before heading off the next day we had lunch at Raymond’s Deli, which was another hidden gem. It’s places like this that made our US road trip for me…


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