Our US road trip in numbers

Well it’s been pretty much non-stop since we got home from our US road trip and I’m going to be writing lots of blogs posts about our favourite places along Route 66 in the weeks to come. But first of all I wanted to just do a quick round-up of our trip from Santa Fe to San Francisco.

Number of days: Eight

Distance travelled: 1,408 miles/2,266km

Number of states travelled through: Four (New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California)


Excited to arrive in Arizona!

Hours spent in the car: 30


Wind in our hair on Route 66

Number of times I forgot I was driving an automatic: One

Number of times we got lost: Umm…

Amount of money spent (and then won back) in Vegas: $1

Number of independent diners/restaurants we ate in: 10


Dinner at the bowling alley in Bishop

Number of McDonalds we visited: Zero

Hottest temperature: 53C/128F (Death Valley)


Feeling the heat

Coldest temperature: 0C/32F (Yosemite)

Number of photos taken: 742

Highest altitude: 3,030m/9,940ft (Tioga Pass, Yosemite)

Lowest altitude: 26m/85ft below sea level (Death Valley)

Number of engagements: One

Yes, that’s right – Mr A asked me to marry him in Yosemite! It was the perfect end to our amazing Route 66 road trip and now it’s definitely time to start planning the honeymoon…


Happy days!

16 responses to “Our US road trip in numbers

  1. Big congratulations on the engagement!! We hit 50c in Death Valley and thought that was hot enough! Hope you had an awesome time and cannot wait to read more 🙂

  2. Wow! I was loving this post and then BAM – engagement surprise. Massive congrats. Can’t wait to read more about the trip.

  3. Bahahahaha, which one of you managed to get lost the most then?! I can’t believe you only spent $1 in Vegas and didn’t go to McDonald’s at all – well done! And congratulations (for the 5th time!) – those glasses were totally the reason why he proposed 😉

  4. Hmm…think my poor map reading managed to make Mr A get lost multiple times! Yep, we didn’t want to waste money in Vegas and had more fun just soaking up the atmosphere. Also, we made it our mission to try and avoid all chain restaurants and hotels! And, you’re right, it was definitely the glasses 😉

  5. Oops – hit “post comment” too soon….
    We totally missed this post – sorry for the delay in wishing you congrats!
    Congrats also on not visiting a McDonalds 😉
    And 53 degrees? That is insane – hope the car had air-conditioning!

    • Aw, thank you! It was such a lovely surprise and a brilliant end to our trip. We loved visiting all of the small diners, they have way more atmosphere and way better food than any of the chains! We did have air-con in the car in Death Valley, although there were signs saying to keep it turned off so the engine didn’t overheat – so it was one sweaty journey!

      • Oh really??! Turn off the air-con? That is CRAAAAAZY!!! Yes, visiting all the small diners would’ve been amazing.
        And totally agree that surprise would’ve been a wonderful end for you 🙂
        Very exciting times ahead! We spent more time planning our honeymoon than the wedding LOL! The destination changed about 1000 times 😉 So have a blast choosing 🙂

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