A walk along the Birmingham Canal

I love it when you’re somewhere and you aren’t expected to see anything exciting – like when you’re on a flight stop-over or a business trip – but then you discover something wonderful right on your doorstep.

I recently went on an overnight work trip to Birmingham (UK) and wasn’t expecting to get the chance to see anything of the city. But my hotel happened to be right next to the the start of the Birmingham Canal at Gas Street Basin, so I took the opportunity to pop down and have a walk after my busy day.

Birmingham Canal

A watery home

It was a lovely relaxing way to spend the evening and learn a little about the history of the area.

Have you ever discovered an unexpected gem right on your doorstep on a trip?



3 responses to “A walk along the Birmingham Canal

  1. I love Brums canals, I took my fella there just to prove Birmingham wasn’t the shitheap he thought it was. I proved my point rather finely!
    A bit like the railways, I love the thought that the network of canals are all linked and you could be transported so far!
    Having grown up near there I had never seen them in my childhood though. My sanctuary was always, and still is, the Art Gallery, BMAG: heaven.

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