Food glorious food…in Berlin

It would be completely remiss of me to write about my trip to Berlin and not mention the food.

As soon as we arrived in the city, while we were waiting to check in to our apartment, we headed to one of the many cool little cafes in the east of the city.


Cafe culture at it’s best

We ordered weißkohl-eintopf (cabbage soup) and käsespätzle (a kind of egg noodle, fried with onion), which both pretty much set the standard for the food for the rest of the trip.


A hearty cabbage soup


And a gloriously stodgy käsespätzle

As it was my first visit to Berlin, and only my second ever to Germany, I was determined to sample as many of the local dishes as possible – which meant that we seemed to spend a great deal of our time eating!

Other dishes we tried included schnitzel (meat coated with flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs, and then fried),


Perfect after a day of exploring the city

currywurst (pork sausage seasoned with curry sauce)


Queuing up at everyone’s favourite currywurst stand

and flammkuchen (which literally means ‘flaming cake’ and is a very thin pizza-like base, covered in various toppings).


Made for sharing

As you can see, it probably wasn’t the healthiest weekend, especially as Germany also seems to have the best snacks ever. Who wouldn’t want a freshly made pretzel to warm them up at a football match?


Spoilt for choice…


…but a worthy winner!

Oh and did I mention the Sunday brunch? All you can eat heaven…


A perfect end to a weekend of food


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