An afternoon on the North York Moors in photos

Having grown up next to the North York Moors one of my favourite times of year is when the heather blossoms, turning all of the landscape a beautiful purple. The national park has the largest continuous expanse of heather moorland in England and at 44,000 hectares it’s a pretty impressive sight.

So on a recent trip home I dragged my family up there to see whether we’d be able to see it. Unfortunately it was still slightly too early in the year, so I’ll have to go back soon, but we had a lovely time anyway wandering around and remembering places from our childhood.



I love the laid-back feel of village life and we wandered around Danby, enjoying the sunshine and admiring people’s gardens.



We also came across these cheeky sheep who have free reign of the area and seemed very put out when cars tried to get past them.



And, of course, the afternoon was finished off with a visit to a little teashop for some homemade cakes. Well, it would have been rude not to;)



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